At NISM the health and safety of our people is paramount in all our decisions.

At Nippon India Ship Management (NISM) the health and safety of our people is paramount in all our decisions.

Our HSQE goal is to deliver our services with zero injuries to our people and minimal environmental impact of our activities.

The HSQE department is committed to creating a positive safety culture, which involves developing values, attitudes, competencies and patterns of behaviour in groups and individuals that will result in the commitment and proficiency of the HSQE programme.

 We strive to:

  • Comply with and continuously seek to improve on applicable health, safety, security and environment laws, regulations, international industry standards and other related internal and external requirements
  • Give top priority to the health and safety of all NISM employees, service contractors and people affected by the our operation
  • Apply a systematic approach to HSQE management to achieve continual HSQE performance improvement, including setting HSQE objectives and performing regular audits and reviews
  • Hold all levels of management and employees accountable for HSQE performance and empower all employees and contractors to intervene and stop any work that is considered unsafe or not in line with HSQE policy and procedures
  • Mitigate all HSQE deficiencies and non-conformances identified through audits, inspections and incident investigations as well as other sources, in a timely manner
  • Foster a culture in which errors are identified early and corrected quickly and where errors can be openly discussed so that they can serve as a basis for lessons learned and continuous improvement
  • Continually improve HSQE performance by fostering a positive HSQE culture that recognises individual contributions
  • Conduct education, training and inter-office awareness activities in order to make staff conscious of their roles and responsibilities regarding HSQE activities and finally to improve awareness of HSQE issues.